Hi Sanna!
Got the email about the sugar course yesterday. Became curious and peeked in there today. I have just listened to your story and feel SO proud to have gotten to know you! What a story, I was very touched.
You bring so much hope to others by sharing your own experiences. You are genuine in what you say and also have a lot of knowledge on the subject. Even though I haven't gotten that far into the course, I think it is a well-done and thorough material you have produced. Hello every day of the week, Sanna!!! 👏
I think about how it has been for me and how important you became immediately in my recovery. You became my great security to stick to my food plan and to dare to peel off all the layers of shame, guilt, low self-worth (yes, all the things you so wisely include in the course.). I recognize myself so much in what you say...).
You became my light in the dark tunnel and many times you have carried me forward just by giving me hope in difficult moments. The gratitude I feel for you is immense. ❤
I have been spreading the good word about you as often as I can and I hope that through this course you reach even more people who need the support. You are a true inspiration, so again I give you my big THANK YOU. 🙏💚🍀
With a big hug
I've been on a yogurt diet for as long as I can remember, really struggling several times to give up sugar and lose weight.
But every time I had reached a certain weight, the same thought always came to my mind.
- Now that I've become so good, I can handle eating sugar once a week. Then I started negotiating with that idea in my head and finally gave in.
When I've allowed myself to eat sugar once, it usually wasn't as good as I remembered it and that felt good because I thought I could handle sugar now.
But without realizing it, my brain had started to be hijacked again.
1 day of sugar became weeks and weeks became months. I always gained all the pounds back +lite to, and I never understood what was happening despite this repeating itself every time. 
Today I have been on the programme with Sanna for 5 months and have been eating according to my meal plan.
The first month was awful, I mourned all the food/sugar "I wasn't allowed" to eat and felt my life was over, so boring and limited.
But now, a few months into the programme, I am so free!
I have an inner peace and am a present person who loves life.
My recovery has not been smooth, a few weeks ago I relapsed with nicotine.
(which I chose to remove along with the sugar).
It started as it always does for me, a negotiation in my head.
This time it was about being able to sniff on the weekend only.
After I gave in I had the same feeling as before, that it was not as good as I remembered and I can handle that. But without reflecting, my brain had slowly been hijacked again.
That weekend had finally become every day for two weeks with copious amounts of snus and even this time I didn't understand what was happening.
I felt completely powerless and thoughtless again!
Luckily I dared to ask Sanna for help and got back on track, today I am so grateful for all the insights and tools I got in those months!
Looking so bright for my future and looking forward to continue my journey 😍 /Emelie K 33years

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