I have had the privilege to be a consultant and train in Suicide Prevention both at schools for 8th & 9th classes, and among other things. for:

  • City of Solna Project: Mental Health
  • Mental Health Lifesaving Course Sept-20 For the public &
  • For profession 1 Oct.-20

Suicide Prevention West is a religiously and politically independent organisation that works to increase knowledge about how to prevent suicide.

The book "Moments of Suicidality" is the last thing that Jan Beskow wrote, he wrote it with Ali Sarkohi, who was the one to complete the project.

The link below is to SPIV, Suicide Prevention in the West, initiated by Jan Beskow.

Jan, professor emeritus, specialist in psychiatry and social medicine, worked on suicide prevention for over 50 years.


It costs 200 SEK to become a member and support their Zero Vision!

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