Events in life can leave their mark on the body as tense muscles, pain, anxiety, etc.

If you are a person who lives under a lot of stress and has high demands on yourself, it can, for example, affect your neck, shoulders, jaws, etc.


We will practice your awareness of your body and you will learn to listen to the signals it sends. You will be helped to become aware of your behaviour and breathing patterns.

You get to start living in your body, landing down from being a head footer to taking up space in your body.

In the long run, this will increase your awareness of your needs and your limits, both physical and emotional.

You learn to become aware and through that able to bring yourself home.


In KMT we practice, among other things


Conscious presence

The Balance Line

Anchoring - Centring

Strengthen and develop your inner resources.


I guide you through small simple exercises that help you to get more contact in your body, we practice relaxation, breathing awareness, etc. We look at how your stress is expressed in your body. The movements aim to elicit the most optimal, basic and functional way of using your body and to increase confidence and trust in your own abilities and resources.

A curious exploration, beyond performance, that helps you break old patterns of habit & hopefully become more tolerant and humble of yourself.

By practicing for a little while, a few days/week on your own between sessions, you keep your awareness active and integrate more easily what you learn into everyday life, and that's what's so hugely exciting, that by working with your body you can expand your boundaries, tolerance, well-being and much more.

Body awareness training has been shown to help with.

Stress management and recovery

Problems with self-esteem - setting limits

Problems with muscle tension-pain problems

Anxiety problems

Difficulty sleeping

I have KMT in my addiction groups and in the individual addiction coaching as an addition.

I have a pure KMT group with meditation 1 day/week.

2 hours/session on Mondays from 10 am to 12 pm.

New start Monday 9th January

6 occasions = 1500kr

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