I lecture on the disease of addiction, among other things.

I'm here for those who suspect they have an addiction and want to know more about how to get help, and for those who have someone close to them with a sugar-eating disorder/addiction and want to be a support.

I discuss how sugar addiction is affected by sugar and dairy foods, what happens in the brain physically, psychologically and socially, that it is a disease and not a character or will, what codependency can look like.

I also offer parts of my own road to recovery, and there is always an openness to asking questions.

The date of the next lecture has not been set but will be displayed shortly under the Calendar tab.

I also give lectures in the workplace, so it is also aimed at those of you who come into contact with this in your profession.

For a quote and to book a tailor-made lecture for your organisation or company, please email

A warm welcome!

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