To get further help in recovering I recommend doing a biochemical repair.

Not everyone needs this, a meal plan and tools may be enough, but for many, both the brain and the gut need extra care after years of sugar addiction/eating disorders.

Stomach/intestines are often in imbalance with e.g. overgrowth of candida etc. the ability to feel satiety has often completely disappeared, you often experience energy & hopelessness, have possible suicidal thoughts, sleeping problems etc. this is not unusual.

The consequences and imbalances are, as I said, often many and great, and in order to cope with the changes that may need to be made in order to start living a harmonious and pleasurable life, without drugs, biochemical repair can be very helpful. Getting help to restore the energy, the power to move forward, provides a good basis for long-term recovery.

It works like this:

Biochemical Repair, Part 1

1. You email or tell us that you want help with biochemical repair.

2. You pay the cost.

3. I will send you the questionnaires to fill in and send back.

4. A comprehensive survey and assessment is done of nutritional status, screening of adrenal glands, thyroid etc. and I will probably need to ask additional questions, and then I will make a tailor-made nutrition and lifestyle programme.

5. We will schedule a 1-hour appointment at my practice, on the zoom or by phone, where we will go over your biochemical repair together.

Biochemical Repair, Part 2

The follow-up time varies from client to client, but after about 6 months it may be useful to do part 2.

The whole process is the same as before (see above).



Bill Wilson, the founder of AA met Dr. Abraham Hoffer, (the father of orthomolecular medicine) in the 60's and became convinced that nutritional therapy was the missing piece of the puzzle in professional treatment work with addicts. Dr. Hoffer pioneered treating alcoholics with high doses of B3 and vitamin C with very good treatment results.


About 20 years ago, Joan Mathews Larson Ph. D. in nutrition began to work practically on methods of biochemical repair on alcoholics at her clinic in Minnesota. Bitten has had the privilege of consulting with her, sharing experience and knowledge.

On Bitten's website you can read more about the brain and biochemistry, access knowledge and research and all the things she recommends.

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