I offer a total solution for you as a client!

As an addict, the first priority is to remove the drug(s).
Customized advanced food plan is recommended to calm down the mental obsession.

Many of those who opt for a tailored food plan also choose to go on to get support and more knowledge about their addiction vulnerability and then there are different ways to go.

Individual guidance in my office, on Zoom or by phone.

or / and

Group where we meet at my practice or at zoom.

Read more under COURSES.

See also under Biochemical repair how it could be helpful for you.

You choose the way that suits you best.

Important to include in your recovery

Mapping the outlets

How do I deal with a life without my outlets?

Who am I without my drug-drugs?

How can I be able to live in my body without escaping?

Relapse prevention is an important element.

We'll look at which one, which zones you mainly live in every day, and how you can change with clarity, and also get a secure balance.

Co-dependency is something we identify and look at, if it is relevant. etc.

The value of recovery can be:

  • Feel calm in body and soul!
  • Satisfy the mental obsession!
  • Being able to live a life without struggling for survival!
  • To be free from fear and to be able to live more and more in trust!
  • Be more present in life, instead of being constantly on the run!

As you become more aware, have your brain settled and have a toolbox to use, you will hopefully choose better and better for yourself, better environments, relationships, diet etc.

This will increase your positive balance and hopefully make you feel feelings of trust, security, etc.

This is outrageous!

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