Eating according to a meal plan is helpful to calm the brain, to help quiet the mental obsession.

The aim is to access your inner resources so that you can work on your recovery.


You'll get calculated what you need to eat in terms of protein, fat and carbohydrates based on you, your weight, lifestyle and movement patterns. I look at triggers, whether you are over or under eating etc.

In the tailored advanced meal plan, you will also get help to start a light biochemical preparation.


It goes like this:


1. You email or tell us that you want help with a tailor-made meal plan.

2. You pay the cost.

3. I will send you the questionnaires to fill in and send back.

4. I prepare your meal plan, according to your eating and movement patterns etc.

5. We book a 1-hour meeting at my practice, on the zoom or on the phone, where we go through what your food plan looks like.


Your tailor-made meal plan also includes a food diary, recipes and a shopping list to always have with you. It also includes a follow-up within 30 days of receiving your meal plan, where we will check if you need to make any corrections.


Food plan is usually step 2, after we have done a SUGAR® on the recovery path. Getting help to remove the drugs-drugs is important.

To calm down, to quiet the hijacked brain.