The groups are open, so you can join in the middle of a 10-v. group, and take it from there.


Group in Gothenburg/Mölndal

Step 1 Dependency-Ground

10 week course, 2 hours/ session where we work through different tools.

(Meal plan to be added)

examples of content:


Knowledge of the disease of addiction.
Quieting the mental obsession.
Loss of control.
Learning and practicing KMT, presence. Meditative exercises. Finding your inner resources.
Which zone are you most in during a day?
Warning signs
Risk situations


Step 2 Relapse Prevention (continues with what we have been working on in Step 1, but goes further in depth, and expands with additional knowledge & tools)


10 week course, 2 hours/ session where we look at


Warning Signs
Risk Situations
Continuing to explore the Zones of Recovery.
We continue to practice KMT and presence.
Relapse cards, aimed at preventing relapse
What is PAA, and how do I deal with it?
How can I live a drug-free life?


Step 3 Stabilisation phase

10 week course 2 hours/ session where we continue with the long-term work.

We deepen all the tools and knowledge we have covered in steps 1 & 2.
Continuing to practice KMT and attendance.
How can I continue to facilitate drug-free living?
How do I manage not being overloaded in the future?


One-to-one in Gothenburg/Milandal, by phone or zoom, whatever suits you best

12 sessions of addiction coaching 1 hour/ session

12 sessions of addiction coaching plus KMT 1 1/2 hours/ session


The content is as in the steps above, depends of course on how long we work together. Many choose to continue working after 12 sessions, which I highly recommend for a sustainable recovery.